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President's Message
Thank you for visiting the website of UBE Latin America (ULA).

UBE Latin America is the company located in Sao Paulo Brasil (99% subsidiary of UBE Corporation Europe S.A. and 1% subsidiary of UBE Chemical Europe S.A.) which is representative UBE Group and handling all of UBE Group products.

UBE Group is a diversified manufacturer with a core focus on the chemicals sector. Its chemicals are utilized in diverse applications ranging from articles for daily use to advanced applications for the aerospace industry. For example, Ube's chemicals can be found in everything from digital consumer electronics and household goods to automotive parts and pharmaceuticals. Ube also produces a wide range of products beyond the chemicals sector, supplying useful materials and goods such as Machinery, Aluminum wheels, Cement, Building materials etc..

In over a century of business operations, Ube has embraced a ceaseless commitment to innovation in manufacturing. It is also committed to the principles of coexistence and mutual prosperity with all stakeholders-from customers and business partners to shareholders and local communities.

Ube is driven by a ceaseless desire to breed innovation, while meeting the challenge of finding solutions to modern needs through the creative application of technology and engineering. It is also dedicated to achieving harmonious coexistence with communities everywhere. The long-standing tradition and core identity of Ube is captured in its vision statement: "Wings of technology and spirit of innovation.

That's our DNA driving our global success. And we established UBE Latin America 16th July 2010. We will develop the business in Latin America. And we will contribute to growth of this region and happiness of society,

"We will continue to strive to realize this vision by mobilizing the unified strength of the entire Ube Group. We look forward to your continued support and interest in our business activities.




Katsuji Morimoto
森本 克二
UBE Latin America

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