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Upilex® Polyimide Films
Super heat resistant polyimide films formed from biphenyl tetracarboxylic dianhydride (BPDA) monomers. Upilexョ polyimide films are set apart by their outstanding dimensional stability, low water absorption and high chemical resistance.

A polyimide film with excellent mechanical properties. Upilex®-S is used for a wide range of applications that demand high reliability, such as high density printed circuit boards.

Tape automated bonding (TAB), chip on film (COF), lead lock tape, high density flexible printed circuits (FPC), stiffener for FPC, office automation equipment, flexible solar cells, other

A polyimide film that offers excellent molding processability for embossing and other applications that demand high environmental resistance.

Speaker diaphragms (for mobile phones, plasma televisions and car audio, etc), heavy electric machinery, office automation equipment, thermal control film for satellites, others

A heat bonding type polyimide film that was developed from Upilex®-S technology. Upilex®-VT has superior heat bonding characteristics and physical properties, as a base film for multilayer laminate such as FPC and metallic substrates.

Printed circuit boards, metallic substrates, sheet heating elements, heat resistance wires, other

Upisel® Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (Non-adhesive type)
A non-adhesive type flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) based on UpilexR-VT polyimide film that offers excellent dimensional stability and thermal resistance without any degradation of the material properties due to the use of adhesives.

FPC, rigid flex circuits, multi-layer substrates, other

U-Varnish Polyimide Varnish
U-Varnish is a solution of polyimide precursorpolyamic acid. It is coated on substrate and heated to high temperatures to vaporize the solvent, accelerate the imidization reaction and make a non-soluble, non-melting film coating with superior heat resistance, chemical resistance and electric insulation properties.

Seamless belts, enamel wire coating, FPC substrates, binder for negative

Upimol® Polyimide Molding Material

UpimolR is a high temperature heat-resistant polyimide resin molding material. Upimol®-R is for standard use and Upimol®-S is for super heat-resistance use. Upimol® boasts superior performance in mechanical, thermal resistance and environmental resistance under high temperatures, and offers outstanding heat resistance and creep properties over extended periods. Another major advantage of Upimol® is its excellent slidability under high temperatures.

Electric and electronic equipment, industrial machinery

UIP Polyimide Powder
A globular powder with an average particle diameter of 7-15 μm. The same molecular structure and properties as UpilexR.

Raw material for polyimide molded products, modifier for fluorine resins, binder for diamond grinding wheels, other

Upicoat® Polyimide Overcoat Ink
A printing ink that comprises fine powders of inorganic substances dissolved in a polyimide solution to achieve low warping and a low heat treatment temperature of 160 ーC. Upicoat® is used as an insulating overcoat for electronic circuits.

Flexink for TAB Solder Resist ink for TAB, Overcoat ink for FPC

S-BPDA Biphenyltetra carboxylic dianhydride


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