President’s Message

Welcome to the homepage of UBE America Inc.

Ube is not an abbreviation, as many people believe, but the name of the city in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan where our company was founded in 1897. Ube Industries Ltd. started 120 years ago with the coal mining industry and today we are focused on Chemicals & Plastics, Fine Chemicals & Intermediates, Specialty Products i.e. polyimides, tyranno silicon carbide fiber & electronic ceramics, Energy, Machinery as well as Construction Materials & Cement.

UBE America Inc. (UAI) is a valued part of the global marketing & sales organization of Ube Industries Ltd. UAI has been responsible for the North American market since 1964 when Ube opened its first representative office in New York and for over 50 years UAI has delivered value to our North American customers. As part of B2B (business to business) sales our products cannot be found in the consumer markets; however they are used in a variety of applications in the Automotive, Aeronautic & Aerospace, Electric & Electronic, Consumer Products and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our Core Commitments:

  1. Customer satisfaction is the most important asset of a company, since only satisfied customers can guarantee a sustainable business.
  2. Contributing to North American society including our employees and their families.
  3. One company, one quality. Regardless of the production site the product quality is the same UBE quality.
  4. New product innovation by local application development teams embedded in our global network of research & development activities.
  5. Change & challenge the volatility of the raw material markets, as well as continuously focusing efforts on internal efficiency improvements.

The coming years are dedicated to further significant growth in our activities and we welcome everyone to become a part of this growth. An active role in research & development as well as brand image is the key for future success.

Creating Tomorrow by Changing & Challenging

Yours Faithfully,

Frank Hormann
UBE America Inc.