President’s Message

Welcome to the UBE Corporation America website.

I am very pleased to join this great team as the new president of UBE Corporation America. The UBE Group has provided valuable products and services to customers around the world, focusing on specialty chemicals. We will continue to strengthen our base in North America and aim for further growth and development.

We are taking the following steps to expand our specialty business.

Establishment of a holding company: In January 2023, we established UBE Corporation America Inc. (hereinafter, UCAI). UBE has been reinforcing its business in the U.S., in addition to Europe and Asia, as part of a priority measure of its medium-term management plan “UBE Vision 2030 Transformation –– 1st Stage,” which is to pursue global profit growth driven by specialty chemicals.

Currently, the following companies are under UCAI.

  1. UBE America Inc. (hereinafter, UAI) is the UBE Group’s sales base in North America. It mainly sells chemical products, resins, special materials, etc. It also provides technical support and customer service.
  2. UBE Engineered Composites, Inc. (hereinafter, UECI) is a compounder of engineering plastic resins and is located in Franklin, Indiana, USA. It mainly supplies nylon (6, 6.6, and 12) grades for the automotive industry, and also handles other grades for tolling customers.
  3. UBE C1 Chemicals America, Inc. (hereinafter, UCCA) is building a DMC/EMC plant: UCCA aims to build a dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and ethyl methyl carbonate (EMC) plant in Louisiana, USA. DMC is used as an electrolyte solvent for lithium-ion batteries and a developer for semiconductor manufacturing processes, and demand is increasing. In the future, as a C1 chemical chain, we plan to expand downstream to environmentally friendly products.

We have high ethical standards, comply with laws and social norms, and provide safe and reliable products. We will work hard with you to build a better future. Thank you for your support.

Masayoshi Ota
President & CEO